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The Federal School of Dental Technology & Therapy Enugu (FEDCODTTEN) strives to attain a comprehensive oral health care system that is fully integrated into general health. Our specialities include conditions of importance such as NOMA (Caucium Oris – mostly in children), oral cancers, benign tumors, malocclusions, malformations – cleft lip and cleft palate particularly in children; maxillofacial trauma plus the manpower capacity building in the field.

Above all , we visit schools in different local government areas to take care of children (free) as well as to curtail oral endemic diseases before the irreversible consequences occur. This is to keep in line with WHO’s oral health global initiatives.

So far within the limits of resources available, FEDCODTTEN has managed to fulfill its founders’ promise to provide the best possible dental education in Nigeria. Today, maintaining this valued reputation and advancing the School creates unique challenges. Some of the challenges threatening our mission are stated below;

  1. Equipment set up since 1981 are obsolete and begging for attention
  2. Drugs supply is grossly insufficient
 To help us achieve our aims we have a number of priority projects and initiatives which

we hope you will feel inspired to support. We also need assistance in the following areas:

  • Dental chairs and kits
  • Auto claves
  • Ultra Sonic Scalers, trimming and casting equipment for denture production
  • Ovens – casting and digital furnace
  • Power Generators 300KVA
  • Examination tables and other medi-care accessories for training of our students
  • Mobile Dental Vans for touring
  • Auto scope and nutritional accessories
  • Drugs – first line and secondary

To partner / support FEDCODTTEN, please contact Office of the Rector via:





Thanks for giving a hand.