The Governing Council

Subject to the provisions of the Federal Polytechnics Decree No. 33 of July 1979, and without prejudice to any specific ministerial policies and directives, the Governing Council acts for the Federal Ministry of Education in formulating broad policies and guidelines for the general control and management of the Polytechnic. Also, the Governing Council shall be the governing authority of the Polytechnic and shall have custody, control and disposition of all the property and finances of the Polytechnic and except as may otherwise be provided in the Decree, shall manage and supervise generally, the affairs of the Polytechnic in such manner as appears to it, best calculated to promote the interest, aims and functions of the Polytechnic.
The Governing Council consists of a Chairman, a Secretary [the Registrar of the Polytechnic], and thirteen other members [including the Rector of the Polytechnic] drawn from commerce and industry, ministries, the community, inter alia, as provided by the Decree.

The Rectory

The Rector is the apex of the administrative and academic organisation of the college. The retinues of other officers which are grouped under the close supervision of the Rector make the Rectory. These are the Rector’s immediate supporting administrative and secretarial staff, the Deputy Rector’s Office, the Internal Audit, the Directorate of Student Affairs, the Industrial Liaison and Placement Office, the Public Relations Unit, the Academic and Planning Unit.
All these units have their distinct and peculiar functions and duties which are meant to assist the Rectory Department to adapt itself to new problems and changing circumstances in order to maintain continuity and consistency in decisions. They equally encourage the Rectory Department through the discharge of their duties to look ahead and foresee needs and problems which may arise from the effective implementation of decisions and programmes designed to uplift the mission and vision statement of the college.

The Bursary

The Bursary performs the financial and accounting functions of the college. It is headed by the college Bursar who is, by the Polytechnic Act, the Chief Financial Officer of the college and is responsible to the Rector for the day-to-day administration and control of the financial matters of the college.


The Bursary objectives in the process of service delivery include:

  • Overall control of the Institution’s financial resources;
  • Guidance to all departments in all financial matters, particularly as regards to the preparation and monitoring of their budgets;
  • The institution’s accounting, reporting and internal control procedures;
  • Maintaining the financial information system;
  • Administering the pay-roll, loan and pension schemes;
  • Arranging adequate insurance cover for the college’s assets.
  • Ensuring that surplus funds are invested and managed prudently.

The Bursar and His Tools of Control:

The Bursar assists the Rector and the Governing Council to fulfill the mission and objectives of the college through strict adherence to standard practices on financial management and accounting principles laid down by the Government and the Governing Council:

The Bursar carried out his duties with the help of the following tools of controls:

  • Public Procurement Act.
  • NBTE/Polytechnic Accounting Manual
  • Treasury Circulars issued by the Accountant General of the Federation
  • Other statutes such as the Fiscal Responsibility Act.
  • Public Service Rules
  • Financial Regulations.

The Registry

The Registry is responsible for the administrative matters of the Institution. It is regarded as the engine room of the Institution and a pivot upon which all institutional activities revolve.

The Registry is headed by the Registrar and he is being assisted by members of staff on the following cadres: i. Registrar, ii. Executive, iii. Secretarial, iv. Clerical.

The Registry, also has some of its members of staff posted on rotational basis to other departments of the institution. Such include all college officers and student affairs officer where they perform administrative function of the Registry. Search for: