Dental Nursing


A Dental Nurse is a highly skilled medical professional trained to render dual care in every health facilities (Medical and Dental), they practice as Medical nurse in the ward and equally function at the Dental clinic as a paramount part of the Dental Team in variety of clinical imperative and they also  posses adequate knowledge of oral health diseases that affects the citizens. A Dental Nurse render adequate nursing care to the Dental patient and equally manage some minor dental diseases and care for dental patients admitted to dental ward.

 Dental Nurses are the first contact of the patient in every dental clinic and whatever conversation or information that transpires between them and the patient is very vital for the patient wellbeing, popularity and image of the practice and the clinic in general.

 Dental Nurses are the only Dental Care Professionals that ensures the smooth running of the Oral Surgeons operation list during a clinical session.

 They equally support the Dentist in all aspects of patient management, which includes maintaining high level of sterile Environment and infection control, getting the appropriate instruments and equipment ready, manipulation of dental materials and ensures  the patients comfort  and safety by rendering  a perfect dental Nursing care.


At the end of the programme, students should be able to:

  1. Utilize nursing process in providing comprehensive dental nursing care to individuals, families and communities at all levels and in all settings.
  2. Apply in-depth knowledge of biological, behavioural and nursing sciences in the care of patients with oral and dental conditions.
  3. Function effectively, independently and in collaboration with the multi-disciplinary members of the oral health/dental team in providing care and dental health services.
  4. Utilize effectively the available resources at the institution and community level for care of clients and patients with oral health conditions.
  5. Participate in health education, promotion, prevention and rehabilitation for clients and patients with oral and dental conditions in other to achieve optimum independence and functioning in the society
  6. Demonstrate integrated knowledge, attitudes and skills in various dental nursing sub-disciplines
  7. Demonstrate skills in the management of pain in patients with oral and dental conditions
  8. Organized and manage effectively dental department/ units.
  9. Demonstrate skills in the counselling and education of clients and patients with oral and dental conditions
  10. Initiate innovative changes in Dental Nursing education, practice and administration through research.


A Dental Nurse has a good employment prospects in both Medical and General  Dental practice, Community Health centres and Hospitals where they carry out the following responsibilities

  1. They are capable of functioning in both medical/Dental ward (Oral and Maxillofacial ward)
  2. They equally work in the Dental Clinic
  3. They work as lecturer in higher learning institutions
  4. They also work as researcher
  5. They serve as practice manager in private establishment
  6. They work as member of the regulatory body (NMCN)
  7. They work as oral health educator and also act as an ambassador of Oral Health care providers
  8. They work in the theatre as a scrub nurse during Oral and Maxillofacial surgery.
  9. They equally work at Dentifrices company where Oral Care product are been manufactured eg Toothpaste, Toothbrushes, Dental Floss and mouth washes manufacturing companies e.t.c
  10. Before now the rural community have no access to Dental care as Dental Care was limited to secondary and tertiary health care. Presently, the Dental Nurse have bridge the gap as they can be deploy to Primary Health Centre to manage some oral health care issues and refer appropriately


Admission into the Dental Nursing programme is through Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB). Prospective Students must have obtained Five Credit  at O/Level GCE/SSCE, NECO or its equivalent in Mathematics, English Language, Physics, Chemistry and Biology not more than two sitting and while at Post Basic Level must be a Registered Nurse with a current practicing License with the Nursing and Midwifery Council of Nigeria.

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