About The College

The Federal College of Dental Technology and Therapy, Enugu is a Federal tertiary institution that was established in 1952 as a Centre of Excellence in Africa, The College in recent time has been re-established by Nigerian law viz Act No.8 of 2017 and granted the power to award degrees based on the urgent need to transit the programmes from HND to degree in order to enhance the career progression of these professionals and retain them in hospitals. The Institution by law is to be supervised jointly by Federal Ministry of Health and Federal Ministry of Education as stipulated by the said Act.

The College was relocated to Enugu in 1982.


The College offers programmes in National and Higher National Diploma Levels. And of recent granted approval to run Degree programmes in affiliation with Federal University of Technology, Owerri (FUTO). Graduates are expected to fulfill a mandatory one year Internship before being mobilized for the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC).

Research & Output

At FEDCODTTEN, we engage in research activities both in the laboratories and community levels. Some of the outstanding results of our research activities are the following products;

  • Recycling of used gypsum products (Stones and Plasters)
  • Local fabrication of silica bonded investment material
  • Propounding herbal toothpaste
  • Local production of mouthwash with Garcinia Cola (Bitter Kola)
  • Local production of Curing Bath.
  • Production of hand sanitizers.
  • Production of customized face mask.
  • Production of Ventilator. etc.

The College at the moment is regulated by National Board for Technical Education (NBTE) and awards National Diploma and Higher National Diploma in:

    1. Dental Technology;
    2. Dental Therapy;
    3. Dental Nursing;
    4. Biomedical Engineering.


And has also entered into affiliation with Federal University of Technology Owerri, to give instructions leading to award of degrees in:

  1. Dental Technology
  2. Biomedical Technology
  3. Prosthetics and Orthotics
  4. Public Health



The College as a Premier Dental College in Africa, and has the record of training all frontline Dental Technologists and Therapists in Africa, is in the processes of mounting some new critical additional programmes in the future  and admission of Students to the College is usually processed through JAMB since 1997.

The College is the only Federal Government owned Institution in West Africa that trained Dental Technologists, Dental Therapists and Dental Nursing in Sub-Saharan Africa. 




The Graduates of these courses are considered very vital to the development of Nigeria and Africa at large as they play the important role of fortifying the Medical and Dental health team; for instance, the Dental Technologists remained the only set of professionals in the world that produce and fabricate Artificial Teeth, Eyeballs, exterior part of the Nose, Ear, Fingers, Lips and Skull. While the Dental Nurses are the only specialist that are trained in providing nursing services and care to Dental and Oral Maxillo-facial patients that have undergone surgical operations. Also, the Dental Therapists are responsible for maintenance of professional oral hygiene for prevention of diseases and infection as well as Oral Health Education. We are also aware that Prosthetics and Orthotics also trained in the College are the only professionals that fabricate and replace lost limps and arms while the Bio Medical Engineers are trained in the Art, Science and Techniques of Fabrication, Maintenance and Servicing of Medical and Dental Equipment for the good functioning of hospitals. More importantly Sir, these professionals are in dire need in our hospitals and are also capable of setting up their own practices/business on graduation without necessarily increasing the labour market but creating jobs and increasing the Gross national product of the economy.