Since coming on board, we have undertaken to implement some of those reforms which I laid before the Ministry and the College Management which are in line with the Federal Government’s new policy direction on education. We are introducing new measures to strengthen our capacity in effective and efficient Academic Management, Financial Management, Results-Based Management, Performance Contracting, deployment of ICT gadgets for ease in administrative function/Learning, Good Corporate relationship with relevant Agencies of Government for access to intervention on poor infrastructure and developing the College enterprise hub as well as encouraging the culture of Team Building amongst academic and Non-teaching staff.


However, one of the biggest challenge the College has had to contend with over the years is gross underfunding, while a number of issues such as lack of Accreditation, establishment of College not backed by law, little or no infrastructure to push the process of academic excellence, inadequacies in learning pattern and no substantive appointee with the required skill and qualification manning the affairs of the College. Also, the main source of funding was solely the government which, owing to the prevailing hostile economic environment, has increasingly been unable to cater for much of the financial needs of the College.


This has forced the College to call for the Re-enactment of the Act establishing the College to read her right status as ‘Degree Awarding’ by the Nigerian National Assembly, institute strict financial control measures aimed at ensuring prudent use of the limited funds available in present time, collaboration with organs of government to improve infrastructure. The College has also embarked on some revenue generating initiatives through the creation of the Directorate of Entrepreneurship aimed at diversifying and improving its revenue base through the production of her own cleaning agents, repairs of equipment, production of paint for maintenance of walls and so on. In this regard, the College recently signed up affiliation with the Federal University of Technology, Owerri, as a mentor and partner to help the College through the process of affiliation and shaping of programs whilst plans are on-going for self- awarding.


The Federal College of Dental Technology and Therapy is also being reinvigorated to make it a stronger player in the national space by engaging in veritable public health outreach and program upgrades to help her compete amongst contemporaries. A number of our outstanding academic staff are already leveraging on this to establish very exceptional research program.


The College is totally committed to the development of this nation and the realization of the National Economic Recovery and Growth Plan of the present Administration. To this end, we have embarked on an intensive Staff Development program designed to create a pool of Lecturers and allied Staff whose pedigree would be regarded as globally distinctive. They are expected to lead the charge in the task of preparing the next generation towards achieving the key goals of the National Development Plan.


In the past three years, a good number of Staff of the College have been given approval to undergo various training programs including being sponsored for management courses, 48 currently on Master’s program in the College, 18 on Doctoral programs and 57 on First Degree programs in Dental Technology and Therapy and 24 to obtain other types of certificates. On completion, they are expected to significantly contribute in the drive to reposition our Students for future leadership roles.

For the Students, there has been a steady increase in the number being admitted into the College in the last three years considering the tremendous expansion on courses available. This has led to rapid increase in the student population from 1,200 as at Nov 2016 to over 2,320 at present. The College can boast of additional 4 lecture theatres of over 600 seating capacity with a good number of professorial offices attached as against the limiting number available in times past.


With the provision of ICT gadgets, revitalized College library, New sporting arena, and standard practical laboratories, the College is constantly engaging and will continue to deploy relevant and technology-driven learning tools to improve the quality of education. The goal is to produce graduates that have the relevant skills sets relevant for the 21st Century not only in Dental technology and therapy but other relevant field of study.


Our ICT infrastructure is relatively well developed with the installation of optic fibre system which is the fastest in the world. With a state-of-the-art Data Centre, an appreciable number of computers and ICT equipment sourced from the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) deployed to several academic staff, departments and the E-library which are available for use by students and staff, with choice text relevant to disciplines in the College subscribed and fully purchase from Amazon online library with linkages to other universities. Today, the library boasts of many electronic databases with full journals and over seven thousand volumes accessible to all our students and staff.


When I was appointed Rector over three (3) years ago, one of my major concerns was to improve the level of discipline among our students to help maintain the good name of the College. The College management has since introduced some measures which included reorganizing the governance structure of the College to allow greater student representation and engagement of the student leadership in continuous dialogue. These measures have worked very well and the College has been experiencing unprecedented tranquillity that has enabled academic programs to run uninterrupted. We shall continue our efforts to increase our engagement with the student community for greater awareness and better discipline.


Finally, following a clear insight on the projects undertaking, new innovations, and expansions so far by the College and her management team these past years and also with strategic plan to further improve from where we are currently, it will not be out of place to score the progress so far a pass mark.