Governing Council

The Governing Council

Subject to the provisions of the Federal Polytechnics Decree No. 33 of July 1979, and without prejudice to any specific ministerial policies and directives, the Governing Council acts for the Federal Ministry of Education in formulating broad policies and guidelines for the general control and management of the Polytechnic.  Also, the Governing Council shall be the governing authority of the Polytechnic and shall have custody, control and disposition of all the property and finances of the Polytechnic and except as may otherwise be provided in the Decree, shall manage and supervise generally, the affairs of the Polytechnic in such manner as appears to it, best calculated to promote the interest, aims and functions of the Polytechnic.
The Governing Council consists of a Chairman, a Secretary [the Registrar of the Polytechnic], and thirteen other members [including the Rector of the Polytechnic] drawn from commerce and industry, ministries, the community, inter alia, as provided by the Decree.