Dental Technology


The department of Dental Technolgy offers a unique programme which provides quality educational experiences for undergraduate Dental Technology Students. This course is now firmly established and was offered for the first time in 1955. This undergraduate programme is designed to foster student growth, promote development of critical and ethical judgement, and encourage life-long learning. The curricullum includes fabrication of dental restorations, prostheses and appliances following high standard dental technology procedures. It is a full time modular course and spans across 40 months for the award of Higher National Diploma (HND).

The Programme is rapidly evolving to give the students an opportunity to learn and develop in a friendly, caring and professional environment from which to launch themselves into the responsibilities of a working life with confidence and competence.

Aims of the Programme

The purpose of the Diploma in Dental Technology programme is to produce caring, knowledgeable, competent and skilful graduates who are able, on qualification:

  1. to demonstrate subject knowledge and understanding and demonstrate the clinical skills and competencies to enable them to practice dental technology.
  2. to accept professional responsibility for their role in the effective and safe care of patients.
  3. to recognize their obligation to practice in the best interests of patients at all times.
  4. to develop a questioning, scientific, and self-critical approach to the practice of dentistry.
  5. to foster the intellectual skills required for future personal and professional development.
  6. to be able to work effectively as part of the dental team.

Course Structure

The course is constantly evolving and kept under continual review to ensure that current accepted practices are being taught and that you will learn about new techniques and advances that are rapidly taking place in the dental technolgy field. We are committed to providing feedback to suit each student to ensure that your 40 months are as enjoyable and educational as possible! To look after your general welfare you will also be allocated a course officer (usually a member of the academic staff) for the duration of the course.

The programme is divided into modules that have been given a level of study indicator and a credit value. Course modules are shown below:

National Diploma Curricullum

YEAR 1 Semester 1

Course Code Course Title Duration / Hour
STB 112 Morphology and Physiology of living things 60
BCH 111 General and Plysical Chemistry 75
BPH 111 Mechanics and properties of matter 75
STA 111 Introduction to statistics 30
MTH 111 Logic and Linear Algebra 30
DTE 111 Introduction to dental technology 30
DTH 112 Primary Health Care 15
GNS 102 Communication in English I 45

YEAR 1 Semester 2

Course Code Course Title Duration / Hour
MTH 112 Algebra and Elementary Trigonometry 30
GLT 111 Module I: Care and maintenance of laboratory wares and simple equipment
Module II: safety in the laboratory
Module III: preparation of laboratory and side shelf reagents
Module IV: separation techniques and samples management
BCH 121 Organic and Inorganic Chemistry 75
BPH 121 Optics, Waves, Electricity and Magnetism 75
PTD 111 Technical Drawing 60
DTE 121 Introduction to Dental Prosthetics and Technology 60
GNS 124 Medical Sociology 45

YEAR 2 Semester 1

Course Code Course Title Duration / Hour
CEC 104 Science and Properties of Materials 60
GLT 211 General Laboratory Techniques II
Module V: photography and audio visuals
Module VI: wood work and metal work
STC 211 Introductory Microbiology 75
NUD 231 Human Physiology 60
DTH 115 Human Anatomy and Physiology I 15
DTE 211 Oral Anatomy and Physiology I 15
DTE 212 Oral Physiology, Embryology and Histology 45
DTE 213 Dental Laboratory Engineering Technique 60
DTE 214 Introductory Dental Materials 15

YEAR 2 Semester 2

Course Code Course Title Duration / Hour
STA 225 Biostatistics 30
DTE 221 Science and Dental Technology 45
DTE 222 Complete Denture Prosthetics I 75
DTE 223 Science of Dental Materials I 30
DTE 224 Dental Prosthetics and Technology I 60
DTE 225 Partial Denture Prosthetics I 75
DTE 226 Oral Pathology and Microbiology 30
GNS 120 Contemporary Social Problems and Outline History of Nigeria 45
DTE 227 Project

Higher National Diploma Curricullum

YEAR 1 Semester 1

Course Code Course Title Duration / Hour
GLT 302 Instrumentation (General) 45
DTE 311 Science of Dental Materials II 30
DTE 312 Dental Conservation Prosthetics 75
DTE 313 Metallurgy in Dental Technology 30
DTE 314 Complete Denture Prosthetics II 60
DTE 315 Dental Prosthetics Technology II 45
DTE 316 Functional Anatomy of Mastication, Swallowing and Speech 15
DTE 317 Principles of Dental Repairs, Relining Rebasing and Addition 45

YEAR 1 Semester 2

Course Code Course Title Duration / Hour
PLT 211 Polymer Chemistry 45
COM 311 Computer Programming 60
GLT 301 Laboratory Management 30
DTH 313 Primary Oral Health Care 30
DTE 321 Partial Denture Prosthetics II 60
DTE 322 Orthodontic Technology I 60
DTE 323 Occlusion and its dysfunction 30
GNS 323 Introduction to Psychology 45
STB 314 Biological Techniques I 75

YEAR 2 Semester 1

Course Code Course Title Duration / Hour
STB 318 Biological Techniques II 75
NUD 435 Research Methodology 15
DTE 411 Complete Denture Prosthetics III 75
DTE 412 Orthodontic Technology II 60
DTE 413 Metallic Prosthodontic Dentures I 90
DTE 414 Science of Dental Materials III 15
DTE 415 Professional Ethics and Jurisprudence 15
GNS 301 Use of English III 30

YEAR 2 Semester 2

Course Code Course Title Duration / Hour
STB 411 Biological Techniques III 45
STM 311 Bacteriology 75
STM 312 Microbiological Techniques I 45
STM 413 Entrepreneurship Development Programme (Module I) 15
DTE 421 Introduction to Maxillo-Facial Prosthetics 75
DTE 422 Metallic Prosthodontic Dentures I 60
DTE 423 Metallic Prosthodontic Dentures II 75
DTE 424 Project

Key Members of Staff

Name Status
Ngozi Okafor (M.ED, PGDE, HND)

Head of Department

Onummadu Anayo (M.ED, PGDE, HND,Final C&G London Lecturer I
Onwumma A. A (CDT, MED, AMNIM) Chief Lecturer
Adeoye Solomon (CDT, PGD ) Instructor
Oladimeji Sikiru (CDT, PGD, MPH) Senior Lecturer
Odimengwa Francis(CDT, HND, RDT, PGDSW, MSW, PGCert Orthodon) Lecturer I
Ernest Chime (HND) Dental Technologist


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