Dental Nursing



The Dental Nursing National and Higher National Diploma Programme (ND & HND) is a generic Dental programme developed in response to the societal needs and demand for polyvalent Dental Nurses who are educated in an institution of higher learning. The current trends in dental practice also justify a higher academic level of scientific involvement in the practice of Dental Nursing that can cope with new developments, challenges and technological advancement.

The Department of Dental Nursing, under the Faculty of Health Sciences of Federal College of Dental Technology and Therapy Enugu, Nigeria was established in 2016/2017 with the initial admission of Thirty (30) students for the 2016/2017 session under the Headship of Mohammed .D. Ismailia (RDN, ADIP) in accordance to the National Board for Technical Education. Candidates with relevant qualifications are admitted for the ND/HND Programme.

The Dental Nursing Programme was designed in recognition of the college responsibility to the society in producing skilled. Discipline and humane Dental Nursing Practitioners in line with the motto of the Dental Nursing Profession (Healthy Mouth, Healthy Body).

The Department is integrated with 50 bedded Medical Centre, well equipped dental clinic with five functional dental unit, with staffs to attend to students, immediate community and member of staff, such that Dental Nursing training, services and research are closely combined for quality patient care.

The Department is equally integrated with a well-equipped demonstration room to make dental nursing training effective. Dental Nursing Department work closely with UNTH Dental Centre to achieve excellent in the training of Dental Nurses.

The Department since its inception has brought in high level of discipline, professional ethic and academic excellent that can compete with similar institutions.

Staff of the Department have been highly consistent in the participation at both national and international conferences.